Selling Productivity By The Hour Versus Selling Results

Your customer has a business problem to solve, and will procure the resources required to solve that problem.

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“I want to know what to do if an employer increases your work time or load and continues to pay the same hourly rate for your additional time worked? Should you still try to limit your employment work to 40 hours?”

You’ve asked three related questions in the context of a fixed hourly rate. That is, three questions based on supplying resources by the hour:

1. “…if an employer increases your work time” (Applying more “productivity” resources, using per hour measurement for the resource.)

2. “…increases your work…load” (Requiring the resource to do more. That is, to be more efficient.)

3. “try to limit…to 40 hours” (Limiting – fixing – the supply of resources at 40 per week, using per hour measurement for the supply of the resource.)

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High-Level Performance Requirements

The ethics and values manifest themselves in specific acceptable standards of behavior.

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The high level performance requirements germane to a “business professional” are supported by general and specific interpersonal, customer, community, and technical skill requirements. These requirements include:


The original concept of professions and professionals had general and specific characteristics which differentiated them from technicians, vendors, and non-professionals. The characteristics are special or unique competence in special tasks and services; competence defined by a comprehensive and self-governing organization of practitioners.

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Skill Development At Its Foundation

Discipline as well as its parent, respect, cannot be taught. They can only be learned.

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April 22, 2020

A subscriber on queried for potential solutions to an immediate skill development problem for his young-adult son:

My unmarried sister has gifted my 17 year old son $1500 in a Schwab account of which I am custodian. I’d like this to be a learning experience for him but I’m in the dark as to how to proceed. My son has inherited from me a lack of self-discipline in financial matters as well as propensity for poor judgements regarding the future. He understands that he is not to touch the money for 5 years, so there’s a little time to work with. I’m not so much concerned with great returns as maximizing the growth of his character & life skills. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

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The Old Man and the C(+(+))(*)

Believe me when I tell you that when blood and mud mix in the corporate world, just like that other context, it’ll be the people who are ready, willing, and able to “step up” that will lead the followers “out of the sh*t” and into prosperity.

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During a discussion about technology evolution in American business, a subscriber on made a statement in passing. The subscriber is a professional software developer by trade:

“Corporate America does not love old people. Their loss.”

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It would appear that this viewpoint is prevalent within the rank and file of American industry. But is it valid? Or to be more accurate, to what extent is it valid?

In response to the subscriber, I offered the following opinion…

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