Part 2 – Performance Appraisal Implementation

If we are to control our future, we have to control our present; and we also have to build that future based on the present.

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I have several options for my “review,” which we plan to schedule for this coming mid-week. I could take the approach of asking good questions and getting as much info from my boss as possible to see how I’ve done and how I can improve. I could ask to negotiate my “guaranteed minimum” bonus so that I get more than the “minimum” based on better than “minimal” performance (how that would be quantified is another question). I could negotiate for a raise due to 1) good performance and 2) being currently underpaid.

Yup, lots of ways to go..

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Dealing With Recruiters

We each own our career, and from this perspective we should leverage the function of recruiters – middlemen – to our benefit.

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I’m looking for general advise when it comes to working with recruiters. I’ve always found jobs on my own either through direct application or referral networking. What are the pro’s/con’s, general do’s and don’ts, things to say/never say to a recruiter, how to spot a shady vs legitimate recruiter, etc… I get regular LinkedIn request from recruiters, typically they go ignored, at the same time the nerd in my would like to go on interviews to maintain and build interviewing skills. Also I desire going on interviews to get a tighter feel for what my area has to offer and gauge more accurately my existing offer. (Sic)

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From a business perspective, recruiters perform a necessary function: that of screening out and deriving the best available candidate for a given employment situation.  As a matter of process, recruiters will represent the party that pays their fee.  As a matter of position, recruiters stand between that party and the party on the other side of the potential employment bargain. Recruiters are literally, middlemen.

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College for Dummies…and Non-Dummies

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College for Dummies . . . and Non-Dummies

Gary North Reality Check (June 3, 2011)

Dummies pay retail. Non-dummies don’t.

This week, I spoke to a group of about 150 high school and college students. Most of them were products of home schooling. This is the ideal audience for my presentation on the way to beat the collegiate rip-off: a B.A. from an accredited university or college for $11,000 to $15,000, total.

I gave five one-hour presentations. The students seemed alert. No one went to sleep. There were not too many people chatting. I saw no iPhones or iPads. All in all, it was a good audience.

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Replace Thyself

Essentially, one prepares to turn over the job as one is learning the job.

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A member of recently entered the workforce at entry level and has posed a question:

How would I know where I would be least replacable, especially as a young person with few (if any) highly developed skills? (Sic)

The question stems from earlier discussions about the desirability of being irreplaceable in one’s employment, to ensure that one’s employer will have reason to retain one’s employment in a recession economy.

However, irreplaceability is rarely a solution for someone who remains competitive.

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