What Price Glory?

This principle, known widely as “going the extra mile,” is a fundamental principle of success

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LTC Mucci:  “The others are beginning to lose faith, aren’t they?”

CPT Prince: “They won’t let you down.”

LTC Mucci:  “It’s not a question of letting me down.  We worked hard to build a fine unit; they deserve their shot at glory.”

CPT Prince: “I don’t suppose many of us are in this for the glory, sir.”

LTC Mucci:  “I’m not talking about publicity, Bob.  I’m talking about the kind of glory you carry inside of you for the rest of your life knowing you’ve done something worth remembering; something that made a difference.  The only recognition I want is from those boys in that camp. Nothing in our lives will ever be as important as this.”

Marty Katz’s The Great Raid, Miramax Films.

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Social Media vs. Establishment Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers feather their nests by raising the cost of the flow of information.

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Reality Check (July 15, 2011)

Social Media vs. Establishment Gatekeepers

Almost ten years ago, I first applied the term “gatekeepers” to the media’s control over what ideas get to the public. I wrote to Matt Drudge about it, and he and I corresponded briefly. I regarded him as the premier example of crashing through the gates: his 1998 report on the spiking of the Clinton-Lewinsky story by “Newsweek.” The master of political direct mail, Richard Viguerie, picked up the phrase and graciously gave me credit. I may not have been the first to use the phrase in this context, but I was an early adopter.

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