Address by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Corps of Cadets

…they have gone glimmering through the dreams of things that were.

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Address by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Corps of Cadets at West Point, New York, accepting the Thayer Award, May 12, 1962.

General Westmoreland, General Grove, distinguished guests, and gentlemen of the Corps!

As I was leaving the hotel this morning, a doorman asked me, ‘Where are you bound for, General?’ and when I replied, ‘West Point,’ he remarked, ‘Beautiful place, have you ever been there before?’

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What Price Glory?

This principle, known widely as “going the extra mile,” is a fundamental principle of success

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LTC Mucci:  “The others are beginning to lose faith, aren’t they?”

CPT Prince: “They won’t let you down.”

LTC Mucci:  “It’s not a question of letting me down.  We worked hard to build a fine unit; they deserve their shot at glory.”

CPT Prince: “I don’t suppose many of us are in this for the glory, sir.”

LTC Mucci:  “I’m not talking about publicity, Bob.  I’m talking about the kind of glory you carry inside of you for the rest of your life knowing you’ve done something worth remembering; something that made a difference.  The only recognition I want is from those boys in that camp. Nothing in our lives will ever be as important as this.”

Marty Katz’s The Great Raid, Miramax Films.

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Ode to the Dog of War…

To use a metaphor: You are the coach, but sitting in the bleachers (or boxed seats)…

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This article is dedicated to The Dog of War; the person that is at war with his fellow man in the workplace. He is a destroyer, but presents himself in the guise of a “fireman,” needed and valued by his principals as the one person who can sort through the issues, determine acceptable solutions, and save the day. He is the one who will be known as “…he who put out the fires.”

Unfortunately, in putting out fires, he causes more…

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The Price

…whether the mess belongs to the subject, or to someone else (or a combination) is unknown, and really doesn’t matter;

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March 11, 2020

Some fifty years ago (this summer), “Harry” was confronted with the dilemma of either immediately upsetting his peers resulting in their extreme (and immediate) disapproval of “Harry,” or requiring them to put their lives at very real risk by immediately intervening in a hazardous undertaking.

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A View From The Playing Field

At its very essence, the argument promulgated by Baynes, above, is all about respect for the individual, specifically in respecting the individual’s competence to do his job; whereas virtual signaling, no matter how sophisticated, at its essence is all about the opposite.

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April 25, 2020

A subscriber on got very excited about the firing of a U.S. Navy Captain resulting from said Captain’s conduct during the world-wide COVID-19 event.

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