Exercising Muscle Groups

…as our world continues to devolve in so many ways, more than anything, it will be integrity that empowers one to personally minimize participation in and the consequences of that devolvement.

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recent article by Dr. Gary North on his website referred to Harry Hobbes’ posted contributions to the forums on that website as the focal point to advise members of the need to develop and publish information on their own websites, and eventually to sell that information.

The specific passage within Dr. North’s article is:

There is a site member who goes by the name of Harry Hobbes. His answers are detailed. If he were to collect all of the answers that he has posted for free on this site, he could begin to produce the outline of a textbook in either management or followership. Maybe he could produce a textbook that would be half management, half followership. You have to be a good follower before you can be a good manager. On the other hand, to be a really good manager, you had better follow a good manager for several years.

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Management Bashing

…seemingly lost to the management bashers is the concept that, if management is the accomplishment of predetermined objectives through others, then it just might be profitable to be the other that accomplishes one or more predetermined objectives for management.

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A recent discussion on GaryNorth.com regarding spending more than 40 hours on the job devolved into a commiserating denigration of management. The culmination of the commiseration fest resulted in:

When someone starts managing me, and telling me what to do, who is the age of my youngest child (now grown), there is a certain amount of subdued mental anguish that results.

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Manage the Risk of Briefing New Management

By staying objective, sticking to the facts, and allowing the new management the time and space to work through his/her problem, we can be part of the new manager’s solution, not part of the problem.

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A respondent on GaryNorth.com has a problem…

He is a mid-level employee of a firm, is concerned about how to respond to the incoming new top-level boss, who wants one-on-one interviews with all subordinates in the firm, for the stated purpose “… to learn exactly what they do, and to get to know them.”

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How To Build Management Capabilities

If I were managing you, I would be tasking you on a regular basis to propose solutions…

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This question was posted on GaryNorth.com:

“Where do I get a comprehensive list of management capabilities to build?”

Here’s the…other news: there is no singular list that exists for everyone, as the management contexts have both enormous breadth and depth. Specific career fields and contexts affect (what I’ll call) the local list of management capabilities applicable to any individual. There are many commonalities; but there also are many application differences.

On the other hand…

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What the Heck are “Business Requirements?”

Business Requirements are requirements on the business, not requirements for a [technical] solution used by the business. Business Requirements are what must be delivered/achieved to provide value.

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It seems like everywhere, everyone bandies-about the phrase “business requirements.”  Yet, if one pays attention, one might get the idea that the phrase is applied in any and every context wherein the speaker wants to apply some level of mandate to his or her “wishes” without actually appearing selfish.

Case in point: we often hear technical people referring to the need to implement functionality or solutions provided by their technology as “meeting business requirements.” As in “Using this server is a business requirement.”

But isn’t functionality a solution? How can solutions be the same as business requirements?

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Policy and Standard(s)

In the real world, we define standards of performance in order to meet a predetermined goal according to established criteria…

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The purpose of policy is to articulate a strategic statement of requirements, usually in business language, that sets and/or communicates strategic direction of how the business requirements shall be met.  This “strategic statement of requirements” serves to require an end state – a result, an outcome, rather than to mandate specific methods (which is the “how”); and allows implementors great latitude for creativity and flexibility in meeting the requirements. (Implementors become more that mere order-takers.)

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Defense In Depth: Capability In CoVID-19 Context

The hallmark of an immediate action fight is a situation seemingly disconnected, reactive, chaotic, exceedingly noisy, casualties are accumulating, and [normal] operational capability is rapidly expended. It’s obvious a fight is in progress.

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April 17, 2020

One of the concepts one learns in the military that is applicable to any business, including the business of oneself, is the concept of “defense in depth,” which although typically used to mean fighting a defensive battle within geographical space using multiple defensive positions, in the upshot actually refers to “time AND space” AND fluidity of action as an expression of capability. It is the expression of capability in time and space that allows one to overcome adversity. As a concept, the expression of capability is applicable to manifold contexts of varying scopes.

To wit…

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Prototyping As A Method

Between a rock and a hard place? Not at all.

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April 22, 2020

Reference https://www.garynorth.com/members/forum/openthread.cfm?forum=25&ThreadID=280152#280152 (Website subscription required.)

A subscriber to GaryNorth.com recently posted information about technical opinions regarding the current COVID-19 virus, originally published as a slide presentation about the COVID-19 virus event, by Alliance Bernstein, a global asset management firm in Nashville, Tennessee.

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A View From The Playing Field

At its very essence, the argument promulgated by Baynes, above, is all about respect for the individual, specifically in respecting the individual’s competence to do his job; whereas virtual signaling, no matter how sophisticated, at its essence is all about the opposite.

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April 25, 2020

A subscriber on GaryNorth.com got very excited about the firing of a U.S. Navy Captain resulting from said Captain’s conduct during the world-wide COVID-19 event.

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