Defense In Depth: Capability In CoVID-19 Context

The hallmark of an immediate action fight is a situation seemingly disconnected, reactive, chaotic, exceedingly noisy, casualties are accumulating, and [normal] operational capability is rapidly expended. It’s obvious a fight is in progress.

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April 17, 2020

One of the concepts one learns in the military that is applicable to any business, including the business of oneself, is the concept of “defense in depth,” which although typically used to mean fighting a defensive battle within geographical space using multiple defensive positions, in the upshot actually refers to “time AND space” AND fluidity of action as an expression of capability. It is the expression of capability in time and space that allows one to overcome adversity. As a concept, the expression of capability is applicable to manifold contexts of varying scopes.

To wit…

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Professional Development Program Framework

In today’s business world, “service” is the key differentiation.

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To develop “service-oriented” professionals who discover and pursue opportunities for their personal and customer success and implement effective business solutions.

Desired Outcome

The Professional Development (PD) program will develop service-oriented professionals who implement competitive business solutions. These solutions are based upon the customer’s requirements and provide renewed value to the customer’s business by providing service, using appropriate technology, team and customer skills.

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After Activity Review

AARs are a powerful tool for objectively evaluating performance, for the purpose of improving performance. Scalable and adaptable, they can be used in just about any circumstance.

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The After Activity Review (AAR) is used extensively by the U.S. military (therein After Action Review), as a “learning tool” to improve the performance of all participants, no matter how lowly or exalted. AARs are formally part of all training and operations.

The After Activity Review (AAR) is a structured evaluation of performance; performance of an individual, group, or organization. The structure and process of the AAR provides scalability and adaptability to any event wherein performance is evaluated.

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Creating a Vision and Mission Statement – Part 2

A tactic consists of one or more related actions.

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Part Two

“Any suggestions on how to go about the process of defining where I’m going and what I’m doing. “

Suggestion #5: Use a Development Plan Template

Below is a template of a development plan, which reflects the development process. It is a template of one approach to development planning. The template can also be applied to developing a web site, or other things where outcomes – results – are targeted. Also, the template may be applied to plans of different scope, such as plan to move to a new role/position.

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Creating a Vision and Mission Statement – Part 1

…mission statements define the purpose of an organization.

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The following question was posted recently on

“Any suggestions on how to go about the process of defining where I’m going and what I’m doing with the site and with my career?”

Like any other complex endeavor in life, we realize the highest probability of success if we focus on requirements, and plan the work, and then work the plan.

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A powerful method of getting an organization working toward the same goal or objectives is to clearly define that goal or objectives in SMART terms.

There are many definitions of SMART extant around the world, some specific and some not-so-specific.  The purpose of this post is to provide a working definition that can be applied within any organization.

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Policy and Standard(s)

In the real world, we define standards of performance in order to meet a predetermined goal according to established criteria…

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The purpose of policy is to articulate a strategic statement of requirements, usually in business language, that sets and/or communicates strategic direction of how the business requirements shall be met.  This “strategic statement of requirements” serves to require an end state – a result, an outcome, rather than to mandate specific methods (which is the “how”); and allows implementors great latitude for creativity and flexibility in meeting the requirements. (Implementors become more that mere order-takers.)

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What the Heck are “Business Requirements?”

Business Requirements are requirements on the business, not requirements for a [technical] solution used by the business. Business Requirements are what must be delivered/achieved to provide value.

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It seems like everywhere, everyone bandies-about the phrase “business requirements.”  Yet, if one pays attention, one might get the idea that the phrase is applied in any and every context wherein the speaker wants to apply some level of mandate to his or her “wishes” without actually appearing selfish.

Case in point: we often hear technical people referring to the need to implement functionality or solutions provided by their technology as “meeting business requirements.” As in “Using this server is a business requirement.”

But isn’t functionality a solution? How can solutions be the same as business requirements?

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Looking for the “Buck Switch”

Tips, tricks, and techniques are only consistently effective when used on a solid foundation; when fundamentals are in place.

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Recently, a forum member on wrote:

“Okay, you have 2 types of people who will respond to posts. The first type are people who give you specific answer…The second type will give you high level responses and may not help you much. Please search this forum on…You will find very directed responses to your specific situation. The others are high level information. I am having trouble with these other responses and I suspect are bullshit. You need to decide whose advise is more pertinent to your situation.” [Sic]

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How To Build Management Capabilities

If I were managing you, I would be tasking you on a regular basis to propose solutions…

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This question was posted on

“Where do I get a comprehensive list of management capabilities to build?”

Here’s the…other news: there is no singular list that exists for everyone, as the management contexts have both enormous breadth and depth. Specific career fields and contexts affect (what I’ll call) the local list of management capabilities applicable to any individual. There are many commonalities; but there also are many application differences.

On the other hand…

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