Manage the Risk of Briefing New Management

By staying objective, sticking to the facts, and allowing the new management the time and space to work through his/her problem, we can be part of the new manager’s solution, not part of the problem.

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A respondent on has a problem…

He is a mid-level employee of a firm, is concerned about how to respond to the incoming new top-level boss, who wants one-on-one interviews with all subordinates in the firm, for the stated purpose “… to learn exactly what they do, and to get to know them.”

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The Price

…whether the mess belongs to the subject, or to someone else (or a combination) is unknown, and really doesn’t matter;

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March 11, 2020

Some fifty years ago (this summer), “Harry” was confronted with the dilemma of either immediately upsetting his peers resulting in their extreme (and immediate) disapproval of “Harry,” or requiring them to put their lives at very real risk by immediately intervening in a hazardous undertaking.

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