What Are We Paid To Do?

Being a sagacious manager, he wasn’t rubbed wrong and didn’t take offense that I had been majoring in minors off performance objectives, and spending company resources doing so, but merely informed me that being rubbed wrong and taking offense were not requirements of being herein employed…

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A member of GaryNorth.com recently posed a question:

Should you call people out on email etiquette errors?
Example, there is a person I often work with in my company who:

1) Sent an email to me with a simple request, and CC’d my supervisor. My supervisor has complained to me in the past that he gets too much email. But now that he has been included in the chain, I have to include him in all replies — good etiquette. He doesn’t really need to know or care about this simple request sent to me and that fact that I have completed it. He’s delegated complete and total responsibility to me in this area. So when I have to include him in 3 or 4 emails back and forth, I feel like I am clogging his inbox. Now, if I had totally blown off the request (not even replied) and this person wants to email me a second time, and also include my supervisor — thereby properly escalating the issue, sure, that’s understandable. But including him on the first email is totally unnecessary, and, completely annoying.

2) Sent me an email, the first email on a new topic, by replying to an old email I sent, without changing the subject line of the email. E.g. new email is on “Topic B” and subject line reads “Topic A”. Again, a little frustrating when I see my inbox and I see “Topic A” in the subject line. My first thought is, “What now? I thought Topic A was resolved days ago!”

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Address by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Corps of Cadets

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Address by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Corps of Cadets at West Point, New York, accepting the Thayer Award, May 12, 1962.

General Westmoreland, General Grove, distinguished guests, and gentlemen of the Corps!

As I was leaving the hotel this morning, a doorman asked me, ‘Where are you bound for, General?’ and when I replied, ‘West Point,’ he remarked, ‘Beautiful place, have you ever been there before?’

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Understanding Expectations

Once we defined a set of requirements, we both knew what we had to accomplish that would meet the other party’s expectations…

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I recently spent time with my attorney on personal legal matters, and being somewhat obsessed with attaining objectivity in interpersonal communication in the workplace, I used the occasion to practice using precise terminology in the discussions. My attorney rose to the occasion and responded as someone who appreciated that she didn’t have to talk to me as if I were non-educated with confused vocabulary, and we both enjoyed the conversations.

In the course of working through the legal matters, we were careful to understand “rights” and the “correct” manner to pursue (or protect) those rights. (“Correct” being an objective definition.) My attorney appreciated that I did not confuse right with correct.

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Replace Thyself

Essentially, one prepares to turn over the job as one is learning the job.

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A member of GaryNorth.com recently entered the workforce at entry level and has posed a question:

How would I know where I would be least replacable, especially as a young person with few (if any) highly developed skills? (Sic)

The question stems from earlier discussions about the desirability of being irreplaceable in one’s employment, to ensure that one’s employer will have reason to retain one’s employment in a recession economy.

However, irreplaceability is rarely a solution for someone who remains competitive.

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Exercising Muscle Groups

…as our world continues to devolve in so many ways, more than anything, it will be integrity that empowers one to personally minimize participation in and the consequences of that devolvement.

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recent article by Dr. Gary North on his website referred to Harry Hobbes’ posted contributions to the forums on that website as the focal point to advise members of the need to develop and publish information on their own websites, and eventually to sell that information.

The specific passage within Dr. North’s article is:

There is a site member who goes by the name of Harry Hobbes. His answers are detailed. If he were to collect all of the answers that he has posted for free on this site, he could begin to produce the outline of a textbook in either management or followership. Maybe he could produce a textbook that would be half management, half followership. You have to be a good follower before you can be a good manager. On the other hand, to be a really good manager, you had better follow a good manager for several years.

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Ghosts And Scars

The ghosts of his past pursued him down through the decades of his life. In truth, they were always just behind him, pursuing him, from before the great adventure, which for a time only served to obscure their presence.

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Originally posted January 9, 2017.

Dedicated to “Chris.”

The good news is that the pain will come to an end.

The Test

February 28, 2014, came and went without fanfare nor incident.

There’s nothing special about that date…except that it marks the 41st anniversary of the passing of a farm boyfrom Cottam, Ontario.

He was not special nor exceptional; just another man struggling occasionally to make his way through life, rarely thinking of the end; just getting today done; whatever it took; as dictated by his heritage.  And, occasionally, a struggle it was, being orphaned beforehis teens, living with the extended family or in the orphanage, later onworking the farms in lower Ontario.  Then, came the great adventure,wherein he and his peers lined up before dawn at the local army recruitingstation the day after the Wehrmacht invaded Poland.

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