No Whinning

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No Whinning

Spence: “What do you use, weapons-wise?”

Sam: “Hmm?”

Spence: “Weapons. I’m a…I’m a weapons man.”

Sam: “Weapons man?”

Spence: “Yeah.”

Sam: “Great.”

Spence: “They tend to settle the argument. So what do you favor?”

Sam: “Oh you know, it’s a toolbox. I don’t care. You put the tools in for the job.”

Spence: “What?”

Sam: “You know, I actually favor the old 1911.”

Spence: “Forty-five? Old gun.”

Sam: [Nodding] “It served my country well, a long time.”

Spence: [Scoffs] “Your country. Not done too well, have you, last few wars?”

Sam: “Perhaps not, but at least we don’t go around whining about it.”


John Frankenheimer’s Ronan, United Artists Pictures, 1997.