Ghosts And Scars

The ghosts of his past pursued him down through the decades of his life. In truth, they were always just behind him, pursuing him, from before the great adventure, which for a time only served to obscure their presence.

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Dedicated to “Chris.”

The good news is that the pain will come to an end.

The Test

February 28, 2014, came and went without fanfare nor incident.

There’s nothing special about that date…except that it marks the 41st anniversary of the passing of a farm boyfrom Cottam, Ontario.

He was not special nor exceptional; just another man struggling occasionally to make his way through life, rarely thinking of the end; just getting today done; whatever it took; as dictated by his heritage.  And, occasionally, a struggle it was, being orphaned beforehis teens, living with the extended family or in the orphanage, later onworking the farms in lower Ontario.  Then, came the great adventure,wherein he and his peers lined up before dawn at the local army recruitingstation the day after the Wehrmacht invaded Poland.

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